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Shenzhen Huahang Aluminum Material Co., Ltd.  is a professional engaged in aerospace and high-end aluminum material processing and sales of professional companies, professional selling imported aluminum sheet, aluminum rod, aluminum alloy material, Huahang already passed the AS9120 aerospace quality management system, GJB9001B-2009 and ISO9001 quality management system certifications. There have been authorized and authenticated many well-known domestic and foreign aluminum alloy production suppliers, which is the most reputable company.
All materials of Huahang is comply with ASTM (U.S.), AMS - (UAS aviation material), EN485 (EU standard), GJB (GJB standard),GB (GB standard), and the others which per customer requires. The materials has excellent workability, the stability of the surface treatment effect, widely used in aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, military industry, shipbuilding, automobile, communication, electronics, medical and defense and other products.

Testing: Huahang established the professional testing lab and many sets of testing equipments, such as direct reading spectrometer, electronic universal tensile machining etc. to ensure the material quality and achieve the technology standard.
Sales: Huahang has a professional sales team, can provide the professional, high-quality service system, and provide more valuable services to meet customer;
Stock: Common stock specifications, and equipped with many sets of high speed sawing, will cutting per customer requirements
Objective: Through the supply of high quality raw materials to help customers to become the industry leader. 

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