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Aviation aluminum do bathroom is harmful to the body?
Update:2014-08-11 Views:1183
General bathroom use aluminum material called aluminum space.
1, aluminum space is the result of aluminum magnesium alloy special treatment of high temperature oxidation of thousands of degrees, can withstand high temperature and strong impact force, is a kind of aluminum products strength and corrosion resistance are higher, with lightweight and durable, since the beginning of a large number of used for aviation equipment manufacturing and other high-tech fields, so called "space" the main component of aluminum, aluminum space is alumina, usually called "alumina", is a kind of white powder, which is covalent compounds, the melting point is 2050 DEG C, the boiling point of 3000 DEG C, true density for 3.6g/cm3. It flows better soluble in water, can be dissolved in molten cryolite. It is the main raw material in the aluminum electrolysis production, its hardness and strength is high, the bearing is also very high, but its weight is very low.
2, aluminum space is a kind of aluminum magnesium alloy, surface oxidation treatment. It is a kind of high strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum products, with lightweight and durable. Hardware products in daily life by space aluminum manufacturing, easy processing, light weight, high strength, not rusting characteristics etc..
3, space aluminum material is a kind of environmental protection, no fading, high ratio of performance to price of the metal, the past ten years has been widely used in home decoration series products, especially aluminum space has become a new trend of modern home kitchen pendant pendant, has the advantages of no rust, no fading, environmental protection, durable and so on, is one of the fine decoration and environmental protection is even better than ordinary copper bath products, has no oxidation is better than stainless steel, in maintaining the appearance of bright also durable, affordable, become consumers favorite products. Suitable for all kinds of home style, let you feel a space aluminum pendant bring you enjoy the fashion. Fashion beautiful, also known as "never rust", the high quality material products of course guarantees at least ten to fifteen years will not rust.
Aluminum ion 4, overall there will be produced this is inevitable, but also often encountered in daily life, the general space aluminum material used in bathroom pendant production in the bathroom industry, and aluminum ion problems generally say more in aluminium cans produced products body, more than 90% through the feces, urine even sweat in vitro, you don't have to worry too much about the effects of aluminum ion enrichment.
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