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Machining alloy aluminum introduction
Update:2014-08-11 Views:1049
[Chinese aluminium network] in aluminum processing, adding alloy elements to achieve the aluminum plate has some special properties of mechanics performance. Aluminium alloy can be mainly divided into 1-8 series. For example, 2A21 belongs to the 2 series of 3003 belong to 3 Series 5052 belonging to the 5 series, and so on.
Aluminum production and processing mode belongs to the rolling processing, also known as the "rolling" processing. Generally used in two ways: hot rolling and casting. The characteristics of the hot rolling method: in the process of plastic deformation, the internal organization has experienced a number of recovery, recrystallization, the state of the casting bulky grain crushing, micro crack healing, and the blank in the internal organization of the homogenization, grain size and shape, point defect and line defect concentration change and other casting defects, are significant improvements, convert the as cast structures of deformation structure, greatly improving the processing properties of metals. Especially in the deep drawing properties, hot rolled material with casting material incomparable advantages. The characteristics of cast rolling method: belongs to half the cast structure of cast rolling plate internal organization, crystal has strong directivity. Compared with hot-rolled, has the characteristics of less investment, low cost and high efficiency.
Aluminum plate refers to the plate material for aluminum and aluminum alloy processed. Aluminium alloy can also be divided into cold and hot rolling, the main difference is in the anodic oxidation of aluminum rolling can do for the difference, anodic oxidation. Cold rolled aluminum and aluminum hot rolling cold rolling aluminum sheet used for different purposes, mold class, suitable for stamping aluminum hot rolling stretching. The same material due to the different production process, great difference in its physical properties. Aluminum processing is also known as the plastic forming of aluminum in the deformation process, according to the stress and deformation mode (stress-strain state) is divided into: casting, forging, extruding, spinning, drawing, rolling, forming (cold, deep drawing) and other processing methods.
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