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Analysis of advantages of aluminum profiles using electrophoretic coating method
Update:2014-08-11 Views:1159
Analysis of advantages of aluminum profiles using electrophoretic coating method:
1 easy to realize automation of production. The electrophoretic coating aluminum in aqueous electrophoresis tank, similar to anodic oxidation, electrolytic coloring process, short processing time, easy to realize the whole process of assembly line.
The 2 film is uniform and dense. The electrophoretic coating aluminum high throwing power, profiles can make complex shape also obtain uniform coating, at the same time by adjusting the power can control the film thickness.
The use of 3 coating rate is high. Because of low viscosity, with less workpiece, workpiece and electrophoresis can be washed, recovery and utilization device make the electrophoresis coating paint utilization rate as high as 95%.
4 safety and environmental protection. The electrophoretic coating water dilution, solid solvent content is low, less environmentally friendly coatings, and avoids the risk of fire, the health of workers is guaranteed.
The 5 film of good quality. Acrylic resin with amino resin curing, ensuring high decorative coating and high corrosion resistance, at the same time as the resin highly transparent, effectively highlights the texture of the metal aluminum, according to need can also get Matt, sand, pearl and other decorative effect.
6 and electrolytic coloring process of sealing is usually compared to has the advantages of time saving, manpower saving characteristics, electrophoretic coating without sealing, avoid because of sealing good brings problems such as crack.
7 can control the film thickness, the domestic and foreign usually control 7 mu m and 12 mu m two file.
8 because the electrophoresis layer of transparent light, so the requirements of high quality of extruded aluminum ingot, smooth surface, less mechanical defects of oxidation coloring process requirements, strict management, because any tiny defect and the contamination will be exposed in the transparent lacquer.
9 the electrophoresis process management requirements are high, in order to improve the finished product rate of aluminium profiles.
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