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Q:Aviation aluminum do bathroom is harmful to the body?
A:General bathroom use aluminum material called aluminum space. 1, aluminum space is the result of aluminum magnesium alloy special treatment of high temperature oxidation of thousands of degrees, can ...
Q:Aviation aluminum in comparison with ordinary aluminum alloy have what are the advantages?
A:Compared to aluminum alloy for aircraft and ordinary aluminum alloy, the strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance, plastic has higher requirements. Aluminum alloy used in the plane has a lot ...
Q:Why the application of aluminum alloy in aviation field widely?
A:Aircraft design, selection of structural materials should have high specific strength and stiffness, to reduce the structural weight of the aircraft, to improve the flight performance or increase econ...
Q:What is the high-end aviation aluminum?
A:The new material is an important foundation for the development of aerospace technology, aerospace technology and constantly on the material science put forward new questions and requirements. Alumini...
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